Past construction projects

2019 - 2003

  • Construction of a network environment for Top City Duty Free at Shinchon Station
  • Transfer of the telecom room in 63 Building
  • IT installation business valued at 4.42 billion Won
  • Transferred installation of wired/wireless network in Hanhwa Building
  • Installation of network for Engine renovation at Hyundai Motor Asan
  • Improvement and installation of network environment for Korea Healthcare Industry Promotion Institute in Osong
  • Installation of network at LS Metal Janghang site
  • Installation of double network at Hanhwa Resort Seolak and Gyeongju
  • Transfer and installation of telecom and LAN lines at Hanhwa/Machinery HQ
  • Improvement and installation of network infrastructure at Hanhwa Defense Business site
  • Integrated wire installation for Amada Korea in Songdo
  • IT infrastructure installation for Dongguk Steel at Dangjin Doseong plant
  • Installation of wireless network at Hyundai Motor New Engine division
  • Network installation at Asan Hospital
  • Integrated wire installation at Young Ed FI
  • K1 and K2 Network installation at Hanhwa Eumseong site
  • Network installation for private sector supplies at Hanhwa Asan site
  • Separation of networks at Hanhwa Defense Business site
  • Network infrastructure installation at Lotte Japan Arai Resort
  • IFC Network installation at AIG Insurance
  • Transfer and installation of operating room at Hanhwa Life Insurance in 63 Building
  • Integrated wire installation at Sejong Media Plaza
  • Installation of top camera at Dongguk Steel Dangjin plant
  • System network installation at KMC Hwaseong Plant #3
  • Network installation at ER treatment room of Inha University
  • Network installation at Dongyang PNF
  • Improvement and installation of network for call centers at AIG Insurance
  • Separation of wireless AP and room at Hanhwa Talent Center
  • Network installation for National Sports Promotion Board Sports Leisure Division
  • Network infrastructure installation at Hanhwa Advanced Materials
  • Network installation after move of Hanhwa Galleria HQ
  • Telecom network installation at Gangbuk Police Office Solsaem Division
  • Upgraded equipment installation for Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Network separation at Hanhwa business sites
  • Network installation at Lotte Yongin Center
  • Telecom and LAN infrastructure installation at Dream Plus
  • Network installation at Dongwon Industry
  • Network installation for equipment management at Kia Hwaseong plant
  • Network installation for Jamsil Lotte C2 Performance Hall
  • Integrated wire installation for marine 2 division
  • Telecom network installation for civil complaints center at Seocho-Gu office
  • Network installation for Honam Petroleum
  • Network installation for the National Assembly Library
  • Wireless AP installation for EMS system at Dongwoo
  • Network infrastructure installation at Lotte Hotel Guam
  • Registration as software business
  • Registration as a partner company to Daewoo IT System
  • Contract with Hanhwa Galleria for UPS and constant temperature and humidity control device
  • Transfer and installation of IT room at Hanhwa Galleria Luxury Hall
  • Wireless AP installation for Gangbyeon Technomart
  • IT room setup at Seohak Resort
  • Integrated wire installation at Hanhwa Asan site
  • Improvement and installation of network infrastructure at Hanhwa Yeosu site
  • LAN installation at Hanhwa Logistics Suwon branch, Luxury Hall and Time World
  • Telecom and LAN installation at Hanhwa Bo-Eun site
  • Phone, broadcasting, LAN network installation at Samsung SDI
  • Automated guestroom system installation at Lotte Hotel Seoul
  • Network infrastructure installation at Carrefour Korea (World Cup Mall, Banghak branch, Gyesan branch)
  • Network installation at Seoul Industrial University