• AD Sign

    Smart & All-In-One IoT LED Display

    Key Features
    • High Brightness LED Chip
    • Free Extended Mode
    • Various Size Configuration
    • Easy & Simple Extended
    • Operating Monitoring
    • Plug and Play
    AD Sign
    Pixel Pitch(mm)
    Cabinet Dimensions[WxHxD](mm)
    100 X 500 X 84
    Cabinet Resolution[WXH](pixels)
    256 X 128
    Module Size[WXH](mm)
    250 X 250
    1,920 / 3,840
    Viewing Angle[H/V](˚)
    160 / 140
    IP Rating
    Power Consumption(Max./Avg.)(W/㎡)
    800 / 250
    Free Extended Mode

    The screen can be extendded using up to nine without the need of a bezel.

    Various Size Configuration
    Easy & Simple Extended

    Thanks to the convenient lock device on the top, bottom and both sides, you can extend the product quickly and easily.

    Operating Monitoring

    LCD Management Monitoring System is included to allow you to intuitively check the operation of the product.

    Plug and Play

    As all the system is included inside, there is no need for specialized installation.
    The all-in-one system makes the installation as simple as just plugging the power cable in.

  • AD Sign

    Cloud IoT Solution

    Key Features
    • Various Video Transmission Modes &
      Audio Output
    • Always Status Monitoring
    • Real-Time Widget & Disaster warning
    • Cloud IoT CMS
    • Smart & Real-Time Content
    Various Video Transmission Modes & Audio Output

    Video and audio can be transmitted or put out in various modes, using anything from 4G LTE to WiFi, LAN, HDMI, or a USB device.

    Real-Time Widget & Disaster warning

    Everyday information such as weather or texts alarming people to any disasters that have occurred can be displaed.
    The TTS function also gives the option for sound output using voice.
    * Emergency disaster information can only be displayed or put out when there is data provided by relevant government authorities.

    Cloud IoT CMS

    The all-in-one system that combines Cloud IoT solution+IT+LED display makes it possible
    to manage schedules of individuals or multiple groups in real time.

    Always Status Monitoring

    Using a PC or smartphone, the operational status of AD SIGN can be monitored.
    You can also control the various features and screen of the device.
    A warning is issued if a defect is suspected, so that you can have the product inspected.

    Smart & Real-Time Content Management

    Using a PC or smartphone you can produce, broadcast or manage your content.
    In addition, with just a PC and smartphone, you can manage multiple devices.